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Diverse & Equal -- introduces and re-skills talented adult career changers from underrepresented backgrounds for mid-level digital roles through our highly successful Tasters and Bootcamps

Supporting and Retraining Diverse Skilled Talent

Looking for a solution to attract diverse mid-level candidates for your organisation’s product or service design roles? Our bootcamp partnerships can help. Our program equips individuals with the necessary skills to work on teams that adhere to GDS standards, making them ideal candidates for your company.

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Making Tech Accessible to Career Changers from Diverse Backgrounds

To learn more about our most recent partnership with Nexer Digital, which enabled us to offer a fully funded boot camp running for 12 weeks from September 2022, with sessions held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am to 4pm, read this article

Whether you’re looking for diverse talent to join your team or are a career changer looking to break into the tech industry, look no further than Diverse & Equal. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and build a more equitable digital industry for all.

If you’re unsure whether these roles are right for you, consider attending our Taster sessions, which provide a friendly and supportive environment to learn more.


Achieving Your Goals with Diverse & Equal

Our vision is to empower individuals from all walks of life to become makers and designers of technology, driving positive change in the world. And the best part? You don’t need to know coding, science or maths to get started.

Our 12-week Agile Immersion Bootcamp will give you theory and practice behind six main disciplines in user-centred product and service design: 

The Agile Immersion Bootcamp combines Agile and User-Centred Design methodologies with participants’ existing skills from roles in the public and private sectors, such as education, medicine, financial services, business, hospitality, retail, construction and more. Our graduates have the skills needed for mid-level roles in User Research, Service Design, Delivery Management, and UX/UI Design.

We reskill career changers. Entry requirements for the course include previous career experience, a keen interest in agile, digital, and user-centred design, and a basic level of digital literacy. 

Our program provides a supportive environment led by industry experts, where participants work in teams to solve live briefs, gaining practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge. 

By the end of the program, our students graduate with extended knowledge of agile ceremonies and practices, an overview of six different disciplines, and a solid understanding of the good industry employability practices plus the skills, confidence and knowledge to make a successful transition and excel on their new career paths.




Taster sessions will be back in 2024! 

Cohort 4 of our Agile Immersion Bootcamps will begin in 2024.

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