“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

Creating space to explore the inequalities in Tech so we can build BETTER... more inclusive, more sustainable, more innovative products and services

Racial Diversity in Digital - WILD

Commissioned by WILD (formerly Women in Leeds Digital) and sponsored by Leeds City Council and the Leeds digital community, this report gathered over 700 survey responses to explore different experiences in digital workspaces in the city region — and was backed up by 25 x in-depth interviews to uncover WHY. 

The bravery of WILD, Leeds City Council and the sponsors to back this research, along with the drive to create a city region full of successful businesses, where every citizen has equal opportunity to fulfil their potential, is reason for hope.

The purpose of this report is not to sit on a shelf — it is a conversation starter, designed to be the first step of lasting change.

Ethnic Inclusion in Tech - Responsible Tech Collective

Diverse & Equal and Honey Badger were commissioned by Greater Manchester Responsible Tech Collective to conduct research on ethnicity in Tech workspaces. 

We worked with businesses and individuals across Greater Manchester to gather qualitative and quantitative insights. We released an open survey to understand perceptions of race across the combined authority in the tech sector, coupled with one to one interviews. The results revealed some concurrent themes, providing scope for further research and the highlighted the need for more resource needed to do the subject matter justice.

Barriers to entry for Black people into Tech

In June 2020, Annette wrote an article triggered by the murder of George Floyd about her experiences as a Black woman — born and raised in Britain. People of all races reached out to her to ask how they could help so she launched the BlackTech GoFundMe to look specifically at the impact of tech on Black people and Black communities. The data around Black people’s numbers and experiences in the tech space, specifically, is slim. There is data around gender, pay and progression — which has helped to fuel discussions around equity across all industries. It’s important that we monitor race too.

During this research, we also trained 3 adults who had no previous experience of working in Tech. 2 of them now work in the industry.