We are a TECH FOR GOOD organisation with a multi-strand focus to diversify the tech industry. Through taster sessions, we introduce and demystify roles for talented adults from diverse backgrounds looking to change careers. Following on, the Agile Immersion Bootcamp equips this talent with the skills to fulfil mid-level product/service design roles through hands-on, experiential learning.

Inclusive tech breeds innovation, so we lead research, initiatives and support organisations to create inclusive environments where diverse talent can thrive and where the business benefits of diversity can be fully realised.

Tech already changed the world. We believe that an inclusive and equitable Tech sector improves things for everyone. Our goal is to affect real, long lasting change. Work with us.

Diversity in Tech results in better services — increasing innovation and profit

Good for business. Good for society

Our vision is...

To use tech as a vehicle to create a fair society for everyone by equipping people from Black and under-served backgrounds with the skills to fulfil crucial roles while empowering digital-first organisations to embed cultures that embrace and celebrate difference.

We do this through upskilling people from diverse backgrounds for roles in digital teams and by working with organisations to embed environments where people who are “different” can thrive.

Everything we do is user-first, research based, immersive and experiential. Diversity and inclusion is a broad topic with many different areas of focus. Our workshops/courses and training specialise pre-dominantly in improving the experiences of Black people and people of colour in Tech workspaces.